Blender 2.83 + MD

Show us your stuff! Beginner's and more advanced MD users are welcome to show their creations. Whether it is your first or your 100th, we'd love to see it.
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Blender 2.83 + MD

Post by MarcusLaGrone »

Fun with Blender and MD... having someone piggyback was a major pain, but some cussing later and it came out.

Animation done in Blender, exported to MD and animated, brought back into Blender as "thin" cloth. SubD added to the cloth and the Solidfy to give the cloth some thickness (adding thickness in Blender means the .mdd files are huge rather than insane...)

Personal project that I hope to have done in a month... ish... Will post the final on YouTube...

--Marcus LaGrone
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Re: Blender 2.83 + MD

Post by LoriGriffiths »

Very nice. I did hundreds of garments for an online catalog using somewhat the same pipeline. I didn't have any animation, but I exported from MD to Blender and applied a SubD and Solidify there. Works like a charm.

Thanks for sharing.

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