can someone help me with this border wave?

Ask about specific settings, like fabric properties, or the difference between the sewing tools. These would be things you would expect to see in a software manual.
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can someone help me with this border wave?

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Hi, im a beginner in MD,
i have no idea how to do this border wave without copy and paste a thousands of same little wave and put it together
and i think this may burn down my computer
can someone help me with this border wave
thank you

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Re: can someone help me with this border wave?

Post by Rosemaryr »

There are two methods you can use, depending on your comfort level.


The first is to use a transparency map. For this you will need to create a B+W image that matches what you want the trim to look like. Like this:
Image It will need to be in a file format that has a transparency channel, like .psd or .png . Apply that as your texture image, and MD will incorporate the transparency.

The second is to manipulate the pattern itself. Use the Split tool, and add twice as many points as the number of scallops you want on the edge. Select every other one, and pull down into V shapes. Then, while the points are still selected, use Convert to Curve points. You will want your pattern to have a pretty small PD setting, to provide enough mesh density to give accurate curves and indentations.

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