Rolled up sleeve?

Ask about specific settings, like fabric properties, or the difference between the sewing tools. These would be things you would expect to see in a software manual.
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Rolled up sleeve?

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I'm using the grab tool to move my character's clothes around. When I pull the sleeve upward, it doesn't fold. It just goes back to its previous position. Is there a way to make a rolled up sleeve?

NOTE: I don't mean a folded up sleeve. Not like when you fold the sleeve inside out to get it higher up on your arm. Like when you literally just push it upward. Imagine a sleeve that's longer than your hand, and you push it up to around your knuckles, just without folding it.

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Re: Rolled up sleeve?

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Here's a screenshot of exactly what you need in this situation.
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Re: Rolled up sleeve?

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Start with a short sleeve. One that ends where you want the (long) sleeve to be pushed up to. Box-pin the bottom edge area of it to hold it in place. Then, in the 2D pattern, gradually lengthen the sleeve pattern, a bit at a time, and run the sim as you do. The sleeve should naturally create the folds. Make sure the sleeve is not tight in the upper area: you need a bit of extra circumference of cloth to allow for the folding action, but keep the lower edge a bit tighter. Also adjusting the warp and weft settings will help allow the cloth to fold easier. At the end, when you have what you want, remove the pins and run the sim a little to smooth out the lower edge and remove any signs of where the pins were. Then, you can solidify the folds and creases to keep them in place.

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