Help with Bloodborne type Garb

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Help with Bloodborne type Garb

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I'm new to marvelous and I've been trying to do a garb like you can see in video games like bloodborne for a personal project.


However no matter what I do, I cannot get the same result when I simulate. The coat is not as stiff and the front is opened instead of sticking to the body.
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Re: Help with Bloodborne type Garb

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First, you will need some adjustments to the patterns, (as angel mentions in the thread over at the MD site's forum). I would suggest the following. Slightly widen both the front and back patterns at the level of the waistline area. Add the extra gradually, and simulate each time, until you get it right. Avatars are 3-dimensional, unlike the silhouette you see in the 2D pattern window. You have to allow some extra cloth to 'go around' the avatar. Second, lower the waistline 'pinch'... it looks like it rides too high on the avatar. Since your avatar is a female, the waistline is a bit lower. (If you are working from a coat pattern not originally meant for one shape, you will have to make adjustments to have it fit another shape.)

Next, check the fabric stiffness on the lapels. It seems that they are too stiff and are holding the rest of the coat front away from the avatar's body. They really should using the same fabric property settings as the rest of the coat. If you want them a little bit stiffer, that's okay, but it shouldn't be a huge difference.

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