Missing textures in MD 6 Enterprise

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Missing textures in MD 6 Enterprise

Post by Rymontt80 »

Hello guys!
I'm a new user here so forgive me if I don't know everything about MD...
I'm just a big fan of DAZ Studio and MD6. I'm still at the beginning of my 3D journey and I've got one small problem (maybe to funny and simple for most artists) with an export option in Marvelous Designer 6. When I want to export all files, patterns, textures and want to use them finally in DAZ Studio 4.9 I get only white version of my clothe (it should be a green shirt with black buttons). A software dosen't create any colour textures for my fabrics. What's wrong with my version of MD? As you can see on the pictures below there is some kind of problem so I'm stuck and don't know how to solve this thing... :cry:
Michael 6export form MD6.jpg
Michael 6export form MD6.jpg (239.18 KiB) Viewed 3510 times
Michael 6 import to DAZ4.9.jpg
Michael 6 import to DAZ4.9.jpg (192.19 KiB) Viewed 3510 times

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Re: Missing textures in MD 6 Enterprise

Post by LoriGriffiths »

I can't help with your question because I don't use DAZ, but I moved your questions where it might get a better response.

Thanks for using the forum!

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Re: Missing textures in MD 6 Enterprise

Post by Rosemaryr »

A question: When you do your export from MD, what settings do you select?

Specifically, the most of the file format's export options have a check-box labeled: "Unified UV Coordinates".
If this is *checked*, then you get a UV map which should look just like the 2D pattern window. However, any textures applied in MD will not automatically appear on the exported model.
If this box is *unchecked*, then the model *should* have the textures exported along with it, and they should appear as they did in MD. However, the resulting UV map is very, very messy, with overlapping maps to the parts,and the patterns displayed at different scales.
Depending on what you plan for the model after you export from MD, you have to decide which option is most appropriate.

Additionally, there is a matter of where MD stores the texture information, (provided you choose the option of including the textures). MD tends to assume that the texture files will be in a specific location, relative to the model mesh file. Many other programs, such as DAZ Studio, or Poser, look for a file location in a specific location relative to the computer as a whole. Result: lost textures. The general solution is to go into that second program's material assignment lists and manually locate the texture files. (And depending on which of the UV options you choose, the textures may or may not be properly scaled/oriented as they were in MD.) In DAZ Studio, the way to do that is to select the garment or pattern piece (any part that has it's own individual MD material setting), and in the Surfaces/Editor tab, use the downward arrow on the Diffuse material setting to 'Browse' for the needed texture file location.

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