Loss of Animation frame

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Loss of Animation frame

Post by christina.ponedelnikova » Wed May 17, 2017 6:48 am

The problem is: It seems something wrong with animation. In MD clothmesh fits good on the pose, but then I import clothmesh to maya it doesn't fits the pose. It looks like the animation is not full.
First step I exported from daz bodymesh fbx and bodymesh obj.
Second step I use fbx for simulation in MD. Then I exported only clothmesh from MD (so I didn't export bodymesh from MD).
Then I import obj pose from daz to maya and clothmesh from MD and have this problem.
I hope my explanation is understandable))))) my friend said to me that MD 'eats' a few animation frames and because of this I have this result. But actually I not sure about this reason)

Do anybody have an idea whats wrong? Thank you in advance

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Re: Loss of Animation frame

Post by BiggR » Tue May 30, 2017 10:29 am

To be honest, it looks almost like the body/avatar is rotated slightly in the image from Maya. If you look at the grid on the floor, in MD, the left foot is further ahead of the right, but in the Maya image, the heel of the left foot is at the same level as the toes of the left. Try to rotate the body in Maya by a few degrees.

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