MD air crew uniform to be used in DAZ Studio

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MD air crew uniform to be used in DAZ Studio

Post by Toniitalian » Sun Dec 06, 2015 3:41 pm

Can any MD user design a cloth model of an airline pilot or flight attendant,but most importantly airline pilot to be used and to conform with a Genesis 1 or 2 figure? It looks like the DAz marketplace and store haven't been able to come up with a useful airline pilot like in the photos attached. If the MD mesh can be converted to be used in Daz format,even better,and more so if it's free. Thanks in advanced.
Pilot Uniform
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pilot uniform
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Re: MD air crew uniform to be used in DAZ Studio

Post by KTdid » Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:06 pm

Yes is the simple answer but the problem with uniforms is there are hard, or metallic parts that must be made in another 3D modeler. From what I understand, MD is for cloth.

If you do have a another 3D modeler, then when you bring it into DAZ, you would have to rig it. Of course you would have to worry about weight mapping but there is something else that is not known as much in the DAZ world and it's called "rigidity." Rigidity allow you to make something from deforming when rigged. As you may know, when you rig clothing in DAZ, everything is treated as if it was cloth but use rigidity and some parts can be more 'metallic' or 'hard' and not cloth.

So, making the uniform is easy. Making it work in DAZ correctly is hard.

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