View Controls on a Macbook

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View Controls on a Macbook

Post by thilion » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:04 am

Good day,

I have started my trial perriod of MD today. The first thing I have noticed was a severe limitation in the View Controls. I work on a Macbook, and like any other laptop, there is no Middle Mouse Button. I also don't understand why they have hard-coded the Left Mouse Button with the Alt-key. They do offer CTRL or SHIFT with the Middle and the Right Mouse Button.

Plus, a Macbook also has no Right Mouse Button. It either is simulated by pressing the CTRL Button along with a click on the trackpad, or by tapping with two fingers on the trackpad. Neither works in MD for navigation. Only the context menu pops up.

Changing the system wide mouse configuration as a web article suggested is not an option, as all other software won't work properly then.

Hence, I have to constantly change the User Settings when I want to switch from panning the 3D view to rotating it.

So, does anyone know how to configure the View Controls so that one can work with MD on a Macbook?

Kind regards,

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