How do i put a dress on someone laying on their stomach?

Ask about specific settings, like fabric properties, or the difference between the sewing tools. These would be things you would expect to see in a software manual.
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How do i put a dress on someone laying on their stomach?

Post by mollypolly » Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:04 am

I need to put a dress on someone who is laying on the ground on their stomach..
My idea was to put the dress on the avatar in the "t" position than stop the simulation and rotate the avatar and clothing 90 degrees to be in the flat position and than put a frozen polygon underneath that avatar that the dress could fall on.. not working as smoothly as i planned at all :( the bottom part of the dress goes through the polygon and when i pull it above it it gets all absurdly crunched and wrinkled up and no amount of adjusting makes it look natural! im not a marvelous designer pro in the slightest so maybe there is an easier way of doing this?? i really hope so :?

This image is basically what i want, a girl laying down in this pose with a dress on (the dress im making also has sleeves on the arms though)
girl-red-prom-dress-laying-beach-ruffles-graduation-stomach-sand-43850139.jpg (219.74 KiB) Viewed 801 times

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Re: How do i put a dress on someone laying on their stomach?

Post by Rosemaryr » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:25 pm

You do almost have the idea of what to do. You do not need to add any extra polygon to interact with, however. The ground plane will work just fine.

What you do need to consider, is that the avatar's body will NOT squish the way real-world flesh will, nor will MD cloth simply stay put when trapped between two opposing forces (ie., the avatar and the ground plane). The MD cloth has built-in offsets from anything that it has identified as a collision object, and when trapped between two such objects, the program simply can't cope with it. The cloth will never settle down into position; it simply keeps on trying to move where neither object can effect it, but that isn't possible.
What you have to do is plan a final resting position for the avatar with a gap... room for the cloth, underneath it. The avatar should actually be off the ground a bit at the end of the simulation. Start your sim as you planned, in the T-pose, then slowly rotate the avatar into the prone position. Then, make any changes you need for the arms and legs.

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