"Pattern segments are too close"

Ask about specific settings, like fabric properties, or the difference between the sewing tools. These would be things you would expect to see in a software manual.
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"Pattern segments are too close"

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Hi all, I'm trying to run Remesh (duplicate) and it keeps giving this sequence of error messages:

"Pattern segments are too close. Please move them further apart from each other. Pattern Name: [#####]"
"The following patterns can not be remeshed due to complex shapes."

The pattern ### is somehow different every time, but is always one that doesn't appear in the Scene tab. I've tried spacing out the patterns a little more, and increasing the particle distance.
Anyone have an idea could be going wrong? Having spent the last few hours twiddling vertices and matching segment counts along seam lines, only to arrive at this... is....challenging.

Many thanks
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