New Forum for Freelancers

Are you an expert at making garments in MD? Are you looking for some clients to work with? Post your information here so that others know that you're available. Provide links to your portfolio or website. Include a couple sample renders of your work.
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New Forum for Freelancers

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I recently did a video on YouTube about making a living creating garments for others. There are people out there who are skilled in MD and looking for work, so I created this forum for them. I get inquiries from clients occasionally and this will give me a place to send them to locate others looking for clients.

Create a post that lists your skills, including those beyond MD. For example, if you know Blender or ZBrush or other programs that will help clients, make sure to say that. Provide links to your portfolio or website, if you have one. Include a couple finished render images, so that people can see your work.

Please do not post here, if you are just a beginner. Most of the projects I am shown are quite advanced. You must have a solid set of skills to get these jobs.

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Re: New Forum for Freelancers

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My grandma put a needle in my hand at age 4 and I've been sewing ever since. I use CLO in conjunction with a pattern making software in my design work. I sometimes use Marvelous Designer and I've found that the interface and projects are interchangeable. I've got a Fiverr gig if anyone wants their own patterns in a PDF.
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