Will MD for profit

Are you an expert at making garments in MD? Are you looking for some clients to work with? Post your information here so that others know that you're available. Provide links to your portfolio or website. Include a couple sample renders of your work.
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Will MD for profit

Post by EratoTiaTuatha » Thu Jan 31, 2019 5:30 pm

Hello everyone :)
My name is Anna and I've been in and around the process of creating clothes for most of my life, starting with learning the basics from my seamstress grandmother as a young child, through pursuing computer sciences and programming and fashion design separately, and finally landing in MD a couple months back. I haven't done much yet, but I think I could offer a thing or two to clients and hopefully more as time passes and my skill improves.

Here's my currently best example of MD work, a recreation of a movie garment from image reference, finished in Blender and PS and made into a set of mods for Final Fantasy XV:

Everything in this image is my work except for the head mesh - the outfit is a fully rigged set of separate pieces that are interchangeable with other game assets, a retexture of the body and a fix for hair AO on the face, and a custom fully rigged hair mesh also made from scratch. There are a few issues that stem from the game's limitations, namely materials (limited to a basic shader so many effects aren't possible) and physics rig (the cape uses coat physics for lack of custom physics armature support, so the movement isn't entirely accurate) The entire outfit also scales with the weight slider (think Sims meshes)

Here's the reference shot it's based on:

Some artistic liberties were taken, especially with the cape shape and texturing.

And a picture of the garment's final form in MD, before any work in Blender:

More pictures of all the individual pieces can be seen on the Steam Workshop pages of the set, all of which are linked in this tumblr masterpost:
https://impatient-traveler.tumblr.com/p ... aking-up-a

I will update this place with some more of my MD creations soon, but for now I'd love to hear some opinions, and I would greatly appreciate any help getting work in the field as I'm currently unemployed and unable to look for a job due to health issues.

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Re: Will MD for profit

Post by LoriGriffiths » Wed Feb 06, 2019 3:08 pm

Very nice work. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope you find the opportunities you are looking for.

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