Why does this forum exists and who owns it?

Here you'll find specifics about this forum. Take a moment to read through the information, if you are new here.
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Why does this forum exists and who owns it?

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The forum was created to give people a place to go for all things MD. The official Marvelous Designer forum is not very user friendly and difficult to use. Marvelous Designer Help is not affiliated with the Marvelous Designer company, CLO3D. This is an independent project and I wanted to give people a solid forum (phpBB, thank you) that would help people to master the MD program.

This forum was created and is hosted by http://www.fearlessmakers.com. We make a lot of MD tutorials and have heard from lots of folks who need to be able to find answers to their questions.

Fearless Makers is footing the bill based on contributions to the website. But this forum isn't about Fearless Makers, it's about MD. Hopefully, you'll find this a valuable resource in your MD adventures.

Have fun, enjoy and help others!

Fearless Makers
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