MD 6.5 is released - Lots of new features!

News about MD software or special announcements that should be of interest to all.
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MD 6.5 is released - Lots of new features!

Post by Rosemaryr » Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:32 pm

You've probably noticed the pop-up box when you entered the MD site, but MY_OH_MY!!! what a wonderful list of new features are available! It's a free update if you have version 6 already.

(From the Change Log Readme file:

- Optimize All Curve Points
- Convert Multiple Segment Points to Curve Points
- Overlapping Points/Lines Selection UI
- Smart Arrangement
- Library Sort, Search, and View
- Library Folder Order
- Symmetric Arrangement
- Circumference Garment Measure
- Smooth Curve / Replace as Pattern Outline
- Custom View

- Project Files as Default
- File Navigation UI Improvement
- Button Collision Detection On/Off
- Duplicate Buttons to Symmetric Patterns
- Additional Camera Options
- Button Gizmo
- Default Camera Lens Field of View
- 3D Viewpoint
- Polygon Lasso Selection
- 2D Pleats Improvement
- Create Ellipse
- Convert 2D AI Bézier Curves
- Move Avatar & Garment to Default Position
- Density Unit Change

Be sure to check out the link from the pop-up; it explains each new feature: so many useful new things!!!

(Rosemary is doing the happy dance again... she just LUVZ it when MD gets an update!)

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