Marvelous Designer Help? Need assistance about Bounding Volumes

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Marvelous Designer Help? Need assistance about Bounding Volumes

Post by Yule31 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:55 am

Hello everyone, this is my first time to post. I humbly ask for assistance on how to approach this WIP im making in MD4. As wyou will see its a custom avatar and I have placed boundary volumes on it. But whenever I simulate the clothing, the sleeves don't wraparound the arms correctly. I thank you in advance for your helpful responses/advice
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Re: Marvelous Designer Help? Need assistance about Bounding Volumes

Post by Rosemaryr » Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:16 pm

Because you are using a custom avatar, I assume that you also made the Bounding Volumes from scratch as well?
If so, then you will *also* need to add the Arrangement Points to the Bounding Volumes. It is the Arrangement Points that actually control the placement of the pattern pieces, in a wrapped layout around the torso, arms, legs, etc. (As a minor point, you can adjust the sizing of the Bounding Volumes to better fit your avatar...look down a bit in the pop-up menu, and you see the default settings [usually 50]. If those setting are too small, input a larger number.)

To do it from scratch: Once you have your Bounding Volumes made (be sure to name them as well, for ease of use later) you will use the same pop-up menu to create new Arrangement Points, and assign them to specific Bounding Volumes. You can then adjust their position on the Bounding Volume (and add more, if you want. Most of the default BVs have a set of four APs, to cover the front, back and sides positions). The pop-up menu is under the Avatar Editor menu: look for the menus Avatar>Avatar Editor then the Arrangement tab.

If you want a quicker way of making a AP/BV set, open/load the default avatar's set, adjust their sizes/positions to suit your custom avatar, then save both the AP and the BV set with a new name (usually one to reflect your custom avatar, for ease of finding it for later use).

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