How to import QCad pattern into MD5

Drafting patterns with QCAD for you MD avatars? Having problems using QCAD? Ask your questions here.
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How to import QCad pattern into MD5

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Now that I have become more comfortable with QCad, I have a pattern that I want to import to MD5, I can't seem to succeed at this. I created a Make Human avatar in inches and successfully imported it into MD. I am ready to bring the pattern (in inches) into MD and test it on the avatar but I can't seem to find a way of doing it.

I have reviewed Lori's videos. She jumps from QCad to MD but does not show how to import the file.

I appreciate your help. Thanks.
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Re: How to import QCad pattern into MD5

Post by LoriGriffiths »

I'm sorry that you were unable to find the instructions. You can get the details off this video:

Scrub the timeline to about 21:00. That's where the process starts. When you draw your MD box in QCAD, you'll want to make it 1.9685 inches X 1.9685 inches. That's 50 mm square for resizing in MD. If you have the latest version of MD, the texture resizing tool has changed, but the new one works. It's just a bit different than described in the video.

Hope that helps.

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