Non draping items such as bags (OR EXAMPLE ITEM)

Is there an entire process you would like to see in a written or video tutorial? If so, put your request here so that experienced users know what content you are looking for.
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Non draping items such as bags (OR EXAMPLE ITEM)

Post by jago25_98 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 2:14 am

I'm looking to design a bag... but because it's not a garment I don't know where to begin... perhaps an example would help?

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Re: Non draping items such as bags (OR EXAMPLE ITEM)

Post by LoriGriffiths » Mon Jul 25, 2016 3:04 pm

Do you mean bag as in purse? I'm tied up on projects, so I can't make a tutorial on this very soon. I will add it to my list, so thank you for asking.

In the mean time, I made a purse pattern in PatternMaker PRO, so I learned a few tricks.

1) Turn down the Gravity. It makes it much easier to manipulate the pieces sitting on the floor.
2) Use very stiff fabric, like leathers. This help keep your shape.
3) Use Pressure, if necessary. Depending on the type of purse, you may need some pressure to push out from the center and get good shape.

There are lots of purse images on the web, so you can easily figure out some patterns. Just start simple and build from there.

Good Luck.

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