Can Someone Make A Tutorial Making A Bra?

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Can Someone Make A Tutorial Making A Bra?

Post by Irelia »

Hello, I am fairly new to Marvelous Designer. I've made several tops already, but for the life of me can't make a bra.

Is there anyone nice enough, willing enough to make a video tutorial on how to make a female bra and demonstrate? I do not see any tutorials online, also, the bra 2D window work shown how to make a bra doesn't show how it's segment sowed which seems be be the most confusing part. (I've attempted to make a bra about 3 times, every time failing to segment sow properly, and completely making the bra different from how the 2D windows people who have made them show).

So would be nice to have a hands on video to learn with, to segment sow with.
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Re: Can Someone Make A Tutorial Making A Bra?

Post by LoriGriffiths »

Bras are very hard to draw. I used PatternMaker PRO to draft a bra pattern for you. This will fit the MD default Female B avatar. This should help you understand how the patterns are formed.

One pattern is two pieces that make up the front cup and the other is the side strap. Apply these images as a Fabric Texture and then trace to use them in MD.
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Re: Can Someone Make A Tutorial Making A Bra?

Post by Starnet45 »

Ohh my, once I tried to do it myself, but I failed.
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